Investor Relations Policy

APTT Management Pte. Limited (“AMPL”), as Trustee-Manager of APTT, is committed to delivering high standards of disclosure and corporate transparency by ensuring timely, unbiased and transparent disclosures of material information to the public, in accordance with the regulations of the SGX-ST and the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance (the “Code”).


  • The Investor Relations Policy establishes a framework of processes and practices which ensures proper communication of information to the investment community for investors to make well informed investment decisions.
  • The Trustee-Manager will adhere to and fully comply with applicable securities regulations and ensure full and accurate disclosure of corporate communications materials.
  • This policy is subject to regular reviews by the senior management of the Trustee-Manager to provide an effective channel of communication and to reflect current best practices.


  • The Trustee-Manager is committed to provide fair and pertinent information to its Unitholders, through a clear, balanced and consistent level of disclosure.
  • The Trustee-Manager will ensure all disclosures to be factual, clear and balanced, containing sufficient information for investors to evaluate the activities of APTT.
  • The Trustee-Manager communicates only through designated spokespersons who will converse with Unitholders and respond to enquiries from the media and the public. Any enquiries received by non-authorised spokesperson should be directed to the investor relations team.
  • The Trustee-Manager does not respond to rumours or market speculations. Any rumours will be clarified through announcements via SGXNET in the event where the material information is false or inaccurate.


  • The Trustee-Manager adopts a well-defined structure for governance and management which provides specific authority and responsibility for policy implementation.
  • The designated spokesperson is:
    • Chief Executive Officer
  • The spokesperson may be supported by representatives from external public relations agencies from time to time. They may communicate with all audience constituents, providing information, data, analysis and responding to questions concerning all aspects of APTT's operations and financial condition, its future prospects and its strategies. They may also discuss matters relating to APTT's governance and management.


  • APTT's investor relations team (the “IR Team”) is tasked with, and focuses on, facilitating communications between the Trust and its unitholders, as well as with the investment community, so as to actively engage and promote regular, effective and fair communication with unitholders, in line with the guidance under Provision 12.1 of the Code. The IR Team is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Brian McKinley, and may be supported by external public relations firms from time to time.
  • The Board and management hold briefings with analysts and institutional and retail investors upon announcement of APTT's financial results or material business updates on a quarterly basis. Presentations are made, as appropriate, to regularly explain APTT's strategy, performance and developments. APTT's IR Team supports the management team to engage with unitholders, institutional and retail investors and analysts to obtain and understand investor views, concerns and feedback and sets out the mechanisms through which unitholders may contact the Trustee-Manager with questions and through which the Trustee-Manager may respond to such questions, in line with the guidance under Provision 12.3 of the Code.


  • In general, all information regarding APTT, its operations, financial condition and future prospects, should be regarded as material and price-sensitive, and must be treated as confidential unless it is already in the public domain.
  • Employees and third parties, such as APTT's auditors, bankers, lawyers or other professional advisors who require such information to properly execute their duties, are to protect the confidentiality of such information.
  • In the event of an information leakage, or the accidental disclosure of unpublished material information, the situation will be addressed in line with the Trustee-Manager's chain of authority and responsibility. If deemed necessary, the Trustee-Manager will make an appropriate announcement to the SGX-ST as soon as practicably possible, which may be followed by a press release and/or other communication modes.


  • The Trustee-Manager will follow the below process in announcing material information:
    • Approval is given for release of material information in line with the Trustee-Manager's chain of authority and responsibility.
    • On the same day, after market closure, or on the next day, before market trading begins, an announcement is made to the SGX-ST. If APTT needs to disseminate the information during trading hours, the SGX-ST will be requested to temporarily suspend trading in APTT's units.
    • Issue of a press release to newspaper(s) in Singapore, if required.
    • A briefing or presentation for investors and analysts will be convened following the announcement of quarterly financial results.
    • The press release, and any new presentation materials produced for a briefing, are posted on APTT's website, and e-mail copies are dispatched to persons on APTT's mailing list.


  • The Trustee-Manager adopts various communication avenues to effectively engage with the investment community and the media on a regular basis. These include the involvement through financial results or material business updates announcements on a quarterly basis, conference calls, face-to-face meetings, non-deal roadshows and investor conferences.
  • These platforms enable the management team to communicate with existing and potential institutional investors, financial analysts and retail Unitholders and understand investors' views and adequately addressing their concerns.
  • The Trustee-Manager is committed to keep all stakeholders abreast of its corporate activities and updates. The management team will address all Unitholders fairly and objectively, disclosing equitable and consistent information to all investors, as published on SGXNET and APTT's website.


  • The Trustee-Manager actively engages analysts and investors through various meeting platforms for the purpose of providing a deeper understanding of APTT's business and operating fundamentals.
  • All information disclosed during the meetings will be published on APTT's website.
  • The Trustee-Manager will not influence the recommendations of analysts, but may evaluate the reliability of information in the reports generated by brokerage houses.


  • The Trustee-Manager holds an analyst and investor briefing for each of its financial results or material business updates announcements on a quarterly basis.
  • The Trustee-Manager releases its financial results or material business updates, press releases and presentation slides on SGXNET and APTT's website.


  • The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is a platform for the Chief Executive Officer of the Trustee-Manager to present its operational and financial performance for the past year.
  • The Trustee-Manager's Board of Directors will be present to address Unitholders' concerns and queries relevant to the meeting.
  • Unitholders are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. A Notice of AGM will be released to all Unitholders, including the resolution details and a proxy form. Unitholders may appoint proxies to attend and vote on their behalf, subject to conditions mentioned in the proxy forms.
  • Unitholders will be informed of the voting procedures prior to the resolutions. The results of the poll are displayed on the screen and an announcement on the details of the votes (number and percentage of For and Against) will be released on SGXNET.
  • Similar to an AGM, Unitholders may attend and vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”). A copy of the circular, including proposed matters for consideration, will be disseminated to all Unitholders. A notice of EGM will also be announced on SGXNET.
  • In the event of a pandemic, the Trustee-Manager will observe safe distancing restrictions and guidelines put in place by the government and regulators. Alternative arrangements relating to attendance at the AGM will be set out in the notice of AGM available on APTT's website and SGXNET. These arrangements may include the AGM to be electronically accessed via “live” audio-visual webcast or “live” audio-only stream, submission of questions in advance of the AGM, addressing substantial and relevant questions prior to the AGM, “live” online chat box and voting by appointing the chairman of the meeting as proxy at the AGM.


  • The Trustee-Manager will disclose all publicly available information on APTT's website, including announcements, press releases, financial statements, publications and presentations issued on SGXNET.
  • Unitholders may subscribe to email alerts to receive updates on announcements released by APTT. The contact details are made available on APTT's website -
  • All questions in relation to this Investor Relations Policy should be raised with:

    Brian McKinley
    Chief Executive Officer
    Phone: +65 6011 5829
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